Where’s My Package?!

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On behalf of My Pet Enterprises, Inc. , I wanted to reach out to our customers regarding shipping delays we’ve unfortunately seen with some orders recently. My sincere apologies that these delays have occurred. While this dilemma this season during a worsening global pandemic is not unique to our company, it is obviously very concerning […]

We’re back!

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Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work through, like all of you, this ongoing pandemic. We appreciate the business and we hope that you and your dog(s) are staying safe and healthy.

We’ve (finally) restocked our shelves!

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Thank you for your patience. We apologize that our “shelves” were a little barren this winter with our top flavors missing in action. We are now fully restocked and encourage you to shop To make this as easy a reentry into the My Doggy world of semi-soft, super tasty, premium treats as possible, please use […]

It’s Bundle Time!!

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My Doggy has teamed up with Wild Heart Co. to bring dog owners the perfect fall bundle. Fall is a wonderful season with its mix of weather (rain, mud, snow occasionally…) and where being outside and burning lots of calories is the norm. To keep your dogs paws clean and tummies sated during this time […]

Happy Holidays from My Doggy!

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Like many of you, (we presume, but lacking any type of Santa-vision to spy on you, we cannot prove), we are rushing around here, like a dog chasing its own tail, trying to tie up all of the loose ends that always seem to appear at the end of the year, all the while dealing […]

Introducing Our Newest Protein Flavor – Salmon!

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Introducing our fourth protein flavor, salmon! My Doggy is rolling out a new, drool-inducing flavor of our soft-baked cookies, with omega-3 salmon, tasty honey, and refreshing parsley. A few lucky pups already got to try the salmon treats in the December BarkBox. Someone was super excited to get her @barkbox today!! #peanutthepup #dogsmasinthecity #corgipuppy šŸ˜šŸŽšŸ¶šŸ„œšŸ¾šŸŽ„ā›„ļøā„ļøšŸŽ…šŸ»ā¤ļøšŸ’š […]

Summertime, and the Reading is Easy…

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We here at My Doggy sincerely hope that all of our treat-eaters had a happy and safe Fourth of July. All of the excitement, especially the noise caused by fireworks, can be concussive on the ears. If youā€™re ready to move on to the peaceful, quiet, and relaxing art of burying your nose in a […]

New Protein Line is Ready to Ship!

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As promised, our new protein line of tasty, soft baked treats is ready to ship, right now! These meat-based treats come in two delicious flavors,Ā apple duckandĀ turkey sweet potato,Ā packaged in convenient 8 oz resealable pouches. The line was launchedĀ mid-September via theĀ Bark Box. The flavor featuredĀ was Apple Duck,Ā and the many dogs who tried it, love it! Before […]

Mini-Size Maximized

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For those occasions when eight ounces of your favorite My Doggie Soft-Baked Mini Training TreatsĀ are not enough, we’ve come up with what we think is the ultimate solution. We’re bulking up our mini-sized bags and offering them in a more muscular five pound package. At this point, we’d like to thank Nancy P., who wished […]

Meat Treats Hit the Streets — Dogs Go Wild!

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The new meat treats hit the streets this week. They went out in the SeptemberĀ Bark Box. If you’re new to the My Doggy Blog, haven’t been paying attention, or are just plain forgetful, let me explain what a Bark Box is. Our friends at Bark Box send their subscribers a monthly package, jammed full of […]

Back to School, Back to Business!

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It’s back-to-obedience-school time again. We’re turning over a new leaf and raking up some old ones. Fall for fans of MyDoggy soft-baked cookies is full of new treats, new takes on old treats, and special seasonal offerings. Honey, We’ve Shrunk theĀ Treats! Our top three flavors, Peanut Butter, Apple Honey and Cheesy, now come in a […]

Ordering Obstacles Overcome

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Apologies go out to everyone who encountered our online ordering system’s misbehavior last week, and thanks to theĀ two concerned customers who alerted us to the problem. If only our computers performed for us as faithfully as our best-behaved four-legged friends! Unfortunately, some unexpected “improvements” made to our website’s software turned out to be more like […]

We Have a Winner!

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Last month, on St. Patrick’s Day, we sent out theĀ “March Mysterious-ness” edition of the My Doggy newsletter. In it, we thanked Bark Box for choosing our Peanut Butter Minis to share with their subscribers, and we solved the mystery of the March Bark Box theme. The themeĀ turned out to be Sherlock Bones. Then, we presented […]

March Mysteries

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March Bark Boxes have been delivered. Now that the Bark Boxes are in the hands of theĀ subscribers, we can reveal to you the answer to another mystery: What isĀ the theme for this month’s Bark Box? It’s a mystery! No, no, the themeĀ is not still a mystery. The theme IS mystery. The theme is “SherlockĀ Bones” and […]

St. Patrick Goes to the Dogs

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What’s that? No, no, My Doggy is not selling any green,Ā shamrock-shaped, beer-flavored dog treats, we are honoring St. Patrick and IrishĀ wolfhounds.Ā (Note to test kitchen:Ā develop some green, shamrock-shaped, beer-flavored dog treats forĀ next year.) There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the life of Saint Patrick, as well as the origin of Irish […]

Box Bashing Beats Winter Blues

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When Ellen wrote to us to tell us how her Ganaraskan combatted cabin fever, we wondered… was she entering our Combating Cabin Fever contest, or was she entering ourĀ Strangest Name for a Breed of DogsĀ contest?Ā (That’s quite a mouth full isn’t it?! To give a “bark out” to our acronym-heavy world, LOL anyone?!, we’ll use SNBD […]