Your Cookies Are Coming!

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Sales of My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies have been so good recently that demand is exceeding supply. Some of the most popular flavors and sizes are running short or are completely sold out. Our bakers are working their hardest to remedy this situation as quickly as possible, without taking short-cuts that would affect quality in any […]

Win Free Mini Treats

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A year ago, around Halloween quite coincidentally, we held a canine in costume contest and awarded a bag of My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies to Toby, who managed to get himself dressed up as a speed skater. It may have been the fact that 2014 was a winter olympics year that determined the nature of his […]

New! Soft-Baked Mini-Cookies

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We looked at our product line and saw that we had a variety of flavors to offer, that come in a variety of sizes of bags. But the cookies were all the same size! Thus, we made up our minds to offer a variety of sizes of cookies, too. Introducing Mini Treats! Mini Treats are […]

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